Around the World in 365 Days - 2022 Year Recap!

Around the World in 365 Days - 2022 Year Recap!

2022 is almost over, and it's "sew" cool to think about all of the places we've "traveled" in a year, even if we couldn't be there in person. When you really take the time to learn something new about something you're unfamiliar with, a feeling of happiness and appreciation overwhelms you. That's how we felt about discovering new destinations, learning about new cultures, and even sewing new patterns this year for this very special series!

If you've been following along with us on our journey this year, thank you! We hope we've inspired you to create what makes your wanderlust soul happy! Each month since January of this year, we released two (sometimes even more) patterns: representing the country or region we're diving into that month. Let's go back to where it all began this year - we're starting out in Sallie Tomato's hometown in the good ol' USA!

January - Tripper & Galaxy:

The essential patterns to begin your trip started here, in Fox Lake, WI! We geared you up for a month of fun travel exploring Wisconsin with this multi-pocketed backpack pattern, Tripper, as well as the NEW passport holder, Galaxy! Get the Tripper & Galaxy Instant Downloads here!

February - Crockett & Andie:

Reporting to you from down under! This hands-free backpack sling pattern was heavily requested, so we had to make this one for a region of the world that is as wide and expansive as Australia is! Don't forget about Crockett's companion: the Andie lip balm & hand sanitizer holder! Get the Crockett & Andie Instant Downloads here!

March - Molly & Silvia:

This month's patterns were definitely a big hit! With the gorgeous fabric collections from Rifle Paper Co.'s Camont collection, the expandable Molly tote & Silvia coin purse pattern perfectly represented the breathtaking region of Asia! Get the Molly & Silvia Instant Downloads here!

April - Anna & Debby:

C'est belle! We loved embracing the French-inspired Anna tote & the new Debby wristlet pattern for the month of April with another beautiful collection from Rifle Paper Co., and Sallie Tomato's unique Mustard Chevron Cork Fabric. These two were the perfect dynamic duo! Get the Anna & Debby Instant Downloads here!

May - Sachi, Paris & the Carry Along:

These Belize-inspired Kits did "sew" well, we sold out very quickly! We set you up for the perfect traveling trio with the deep Sachi bag, a comfortable & soft neck pillow, and a great pouch pattern to store all of your essentials! Get the Sachi, Paris, & Carry Along Instant Downloads here!

June - Shaw & Taylor:

The month of June, we visited the country of Greenland - known for its natural beauty in an arctic wonderland out of a storybook! This open concept backpack pattern & the Taylor pouch pattern made such a great duo! Designed with Cotton + Steel's Cosmic Sea collection, these patterns made us really want to travel to the biggest island in the world. Get the Shaw & Taylor Instant Downloads here!

July - Carlton & Burkett:

We said "hallo!" to these patterns, designed specifically for your desire to stay fashionable and organized. These organizer cubes made with air mesh, and the first ever drawstring backpack by Sallie Tomato were made for discovering the gorgeous region of Scandinavia! Get the Carlton & Burkett Instant Downloads here!

August - Sloane & Heidi:

This long-awaited pattern was a fan-favorite! Sloane is a gorgeous backpack that can easily convert into a bag. The Faux Leather pouch, Heidi, fit perfectly inside of this multi-use pattern while we visited Argentina! Get the Sloane & Heidi Instant Downloads here!

September - Paloma & Lunch Wrap:

Bring on the fringe with the gorgeous Paloma bag! These patterns were necessities as we discovered the country of Spain! Do we have any foodies out there? You'll love the Lunch Wrap pattern - great for all of your snacks! Get the Paloma & Lunch Wrap Instant Downloads here!

October - Casey, Daisy & Vinny:

We've come back at ya with three must-have patterns for our trip to another magical place: Madagascar! The vibrant fabrics in this month's collection make it such a great set to have for traveling in a tropical paradise. Store all of your necessities in the weekender duffle, the trendy circle-style bag, and take your favorite beverages on the go with the Vinny tote! Get the Casey, Daisy & Vinny Instant Downloads here!

November - Phlox & Muffy:

This month, we traveled to a very special destination for Sallie Tomato: Portugal! Did you know, we order all of our unique Cork Fabrics from this country? This multi-feature tote bag made entirely of Cork has such a sleek & professional design. And let's not forget about the cozy & fashionable handwarmer, Muffy! Get the Phlox & Muffy Instant Downloads here!

December - Commuter & Isidore:

Last, but certainly not least, we're visiting a very historical place on the globe: Germany! The Commuter tote looks absolutely stunning in the one of the many featured fabrics from the Jolly Darlings fabric by Ruby Star Society. Fit your must-have electronics in the padded Isidore sleeve that fits perfectly inside the Commuter! Get the Commuter & Isidore Instant Downloads today!

And there you have it! 365 days of seeing NEW places, with gorgeous new patterns & fabrics. Which month was your favorite? You can still shop these fabrics & Kits, while supplies last! 

As we prepare for the year of 2023: stay tuned for upcoming promotions and sales! Wanna know what we've got up our sleeve? Here's a hint: we're starting off by traveling "Around the World" once more for our Time Warp series! Click here to subscribe to our Newsletter, & be the first to know what we're up to starting January 1st! 

Thank you for reading!

-Maleea at Sallie Tomato 

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