2024 Trend Report from Sallie Tomato

2024 Trend Report from Sallie Tomato

It is the beginning of a new year and we are excited to share our 2024 Trend Report with you!

We love putting together our annual trend report to see how we can apply the latest trends into our bag making. Some of our favorite sources are fashion, movies, television, music, and of course, the sewing industry. We are continually inspired by everything around us and that comes through in our products and sewing patterns. 

We understand that not all the things in vogue are for everyone, but we explore them all through the Sallie Tomato lens and apply them in our own unique way that we think you will love as much as we do.

The trends for this year are truly wide ranging from one end of the style spectrum to the other. From soft feminine petals and bows to dark moody gothic hues, and everything in between. 2024 shows that whatever your mood, there is a trend for it.

Trend: Slowing Down

Slowing down is a key trend that is kicking off 2024. A more clean and simple approach to life, a desire for staycations, slowing down and a bit of a more laid back approach. This feeling is coming to life in the colors of 2024 that were chosen by Etsy, Pantone and WGSN. The soft and peaceful palette of Berry, Apricot Crush, Peach Fuzz ties together that desire for slowing down with a soft touch. 

For our staycation plans, we plan on taking the Bette bag in our Powder Blush Pink Crocodile and the Casey duffle bag in similar colors for a girls weekend. 

These colors inspired us so much that we based our 2024 Sallie Tomato & Co. Box on Apricot Crush!

Trend: Bows, Petals, Ruffles

Continuing with the soft and peaceful trend that we are seeing in the colors of the year. Our first 2024 fashion trend has a very flowy and feminine feel. Bows, petals and ruffles are all over the runway and in stores. Bows especially, big bows - a la my mom’s prom dress - are back in a big way! 

Some fun ways to tie in this trend to your bag making is by swapping out a traditional flip lock to a bow turn lock, trying our free bow napkin ring project, or making a fabric scrap bow and adding it to your clothing or accessories.  

It isn’t just big bows that we will see in 2024, but big, eclectic and eccentric styles in general. Big bags, big jewelry, big hair. Our Aurora and Daria bags are perfect to show your big accessory style this year.

Trend: Grandpa Core

2024 is taking the 90s grunge trend from 2023 and refining it. Grandpa style, also known as Grandpa Core, is here. Oversize cardigans, comfort, and evolved styled - mixed with expressive clothing. Grandpa Core is here. 

Inspired by the cute and sensible fashion of our grandfathers. Think retro streetwear, chic cardigans, sweater vests, vintage loafers, slouchy sweaters, tweed blazers, chunky sneakers, denim and customized clothing. 

Thinking of our grandpas makes us think of history, memories, and family stories told in a cozy library. It makes us think of our Leanne pattern for our digital books, our watch party pattern - for a newer version of a timeless watch, and the Sterling pattern to protect all those family heirlooms.

Trend: Metallics

Metallics are going to be everywhere in 2024. Shiny metals are in everything from home decor, to fingernails, to jewelry, to clothing. We are no stranger to beautiful shiny things here at Sallie Tomato, so this is a trend we are fully committed to!

From our eye-catching hardware finishes, to shiny faux leather, sequins and our newest shimmer faux leathers - this metallic trend is part of our brand here and we are glad to see that it will be a dominant part of this year.

Trend: Western Gothic

The metallics trend is carrying over to the latest Western related trend - known as Western gothic. Dark hues, soft gothic and moody feeling clothes and fabrics are coming through in Americana. Western gothic has such a following that searches for gothic clothing are up more than 800% on Etsy.

Because of some of our latest product launches and a few of our tried and true patterns, we love this Western gothic trend. Our new rugged faux leathers and faux leather lite are just the right fabrics to bring this Western Gothic vision to life. 

Our Cork Zipper Purse pattern, Oakley pattern, Fringed table runner free pattern download, and Zelda pattern are fashion forward examples of ways to wear this trend in 2024.

Trend: Zero Waste, Working with Scraps

The final trend of 2024 is one that all of us sewists are incredibly familiar with. Working with scraps! Searches for zero waste sewing patterns and using waste material for craft projects are not only still going strong, but they are continuing to grow.

Sustainability is a large focus for us here at Sallie Tomato and we are excited about any opportunity to use up our scraps or have zero waste projects. We also do our best to design projects that have as minimal amount of waste as possible.

Some of our favorite free scrap busting patterns are our luggage tag pattern, eye mask pattern, and cork fabric pillow applique

We hope you had some A-HA moments and feel as inspired as we do! Our goal with this trend report is to encourage you to use these trends as inspiration for your next project in bag making, crafting or home decor. Building skills, providing quality products, exploring new trends and helping you create your projects confidently is what we are all about at Sallie Tomato. We can’t wait to see how you apply 2024 trends to your bag making. Use the hashtags #sallietomato on social media to show us your application of 2024’s trends.

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