2023 Cork Club Recap!

2023 Cork Club Recap!

Hello, fellow sewing enthusiasts and creative souls, welcome to the enthralling journey through the stitches, textures, and innovations of the Cork Club Monthly Subscription 2023! The realm where nature meets craftsmanship, the Cork Club has been a haven of inspiration. Throughout this year, we've delved deep into the realm of sustainable sewing, exploring the versatility and eco-friendly allure of cork fabric. From its smooth touch to its striking aesthetic appeal, each piece of this remarkable material became a canvas for our imagination.


This month we took you back to the 1920s as a part of our Time Warp Series we kicked off this year! We wanted the cork fabric this month to get "jazz up" your projects and have a "roaring" time sewing with them! Our fabrics were Deco Fans Cork & Rustic Jasper. Both stunning and unique in their own ways, but when paired together create an eye-catching combination!



In February we traveled back in time to the 1950s! We "flip your lid" over these retro cork fabrics that are "made in the shade" for sewing! Fifties Abstract Cork is inspired by home decor of the 1950s, while Rustic Sea Glass was a perfect pairing to represent a popular color for vintage cars and kitchens during that era. We saw some very elegant creations with this pairing! 



March, we focused on the 1960's! Peace symbols and tie-dye were influential in the trends during this decade. This month's 60s inspired fabric called Groovy which paired perfectly with the Rustic Pearl Cork Fabric. Just like a pair of good fitting Go-go boots and a mini skirt! This combination makes any pattern look far out & stylish! 



Can you dig it? Our April Cork Club nodded to the 1970s! This decade featured the fun fashion trend of bell-bottoms and the rise of disco music! We hope you enjoyed this month's 70s inspired flower power fabric called Daisy Check which pairs beautifully with the Rustic Moonstone Cork Fabric



That's so rad! This month Cork Club highlighted the decade that brought us boomboxes, big hair and the rise of MTV! Yes, the 1980s! We hope you enjoyed this month's 80s inspired cork print called Nostalgia which pairs beautifully with the Rustic Amethyst Cork. We absolutely think these cork fabrics are totally tubular and loved seeing everything you stitched up this month! 



This month's cork club fabrics were 'all that and a bag of chips' as the saying goes from the 90s! This notorious decade brought us the rise of the internet, coffee shops and hip-hop culture. This month's 90s inspired cork print called Argyle which pairs beautifully with the Rustic Sunstone Cork Fabric. We just love these cork fabrics and think you might be yelling, "Booyah" after you stitch up your next 'fly' project with these fabrics! 



This month we highlighted the magical decade of the 2000s! This totally "fetch" decade introduced us to the rise of iPods, social media, boy bands and even Harry Potter! In fashion trends, technology & Y2K influenced shiny black tones and reflective metallic fabrics. We drew upon this influence to bring you this 2000's inspired cork print called Preppy Plaid which pairs beautifully with the Rustic Onyx!



We don't mean to humblebrag, but this month's cork fabric was totally lit! We went back a few years to bring you cork fabric inspired from the 2010s! In pop culture we experienced the beginning of Instagram, popularity of vampires, and even two royal weddings! In fashion, this decade brought us flower crowns, infinity scarves and skinny jeans! To highlight these fashion trends, we designed the beautiful Fashion Print & coordinating Rustic Rose Cork Fabric!



Each month, our new cork print has been inspired by past decades and eras and now we are excited to share our 2020's inspired print! Getting back to basics and connecting with nature is trending culturally and in the fashion industry. Floral prints, lounge wear and outdoor wear are most popular now and to highlight these fashion trends we've designed the beautiful Flourish Garden & coordinating Rustic Grove Cork Fabric!



The time warp theme continued as we ventured to the future this month! Behold the Techno Cork Fabric, an inspiring futuristic take on fashion in 2050! Geometric designs in an abstract form mesh together to create this month’s print. Pair this cork fabric with the beautiful Rustic Sapphire Cork Fabric to add a little pop of color or add it to another project. We loved how you used the new Techno print cork in this month!



As the weather turned cold, the layers add up when we headed out the door and snuggled under warm blankets when inside. An iconic print in this shift of weather is none other than a wardrobe staple called plaid. The Lumberjack Plaid Cork is a classic print featuring black and red colors. This new print pairs beautifully with the Rustic Natural Cork Fabric for a fashionable and outdoorsy-inspired look.


We hope you loved seeing our Cork Club Recap of 2023! Cork fabric is eco-friendly, easy to sew and elevates any project! With our Cork Club Monthly Subscription you will receive two 12" cuts of exclusive cork fabric! You also have the chance to win a $100 Sallie Tomato gift card every month with our Cork Club Contest! Join the club, create a project out of the cork fabric, and post on social media with #corkclubcontest for your chance to win! Happy Sewing! 


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