2022 Top 6 Trend Report: How to Apply to Sewing & Crafting

2022 Top 6 Trend Report: How to Apply to Sewing & Crafting

The trend forecasts for 2022 have been posted - some even as early as August! So before you see it everywhere, we've compiled the ultimate roundup of trends forecasted for 2022. I've curated this list from resources such as Vogue, Pinterest, Harpers Bazaar, and repeatedly popular predictions among fashion forecasts across the internet and social media. 

Fashion forecasts are created by analyzing data over long periods of time to gain insight into what will be trending. Year after year, fashion trends blend forward and backward style - meaning trends look to the future and also come back from the past in a new way. 

Over the last two years, the world has become highly influenced and driven by social media, since it's become a main form of connection and self-expression. And somehow, we've managed to exist in a time where our wardrobes are a mix of loungewear and party attire.

Today, trends occur more quickly than ever. There is a sense of excitement to embrace trends, but also there can be an undeniable feeling of competition and pressure to keep up with the latest trend before it cycles through. It's never fun to be late to the party.

But, on the upside, I'm here to tell you that always spending money on new things to have the newest fashion, is a thing of the past. Trends can be modified to fit your own personal style and incorporate timeless elements. Localized purchases and repurposing items are becoming more and more popular.

And, because of our knowledge of sewing, we have the ability to personalize trends, upcycle what we already have, and avoid fast fashion. Pick and choose which trends work for you and let the rest take it's course.

Fashion should be fun.

With a new year comes a fresh start, and lots of fresh trends to look forward to. Curating this list for you and translating runway fashion and social media influences to sewing and crafting has been beyond inspiring. Expect to be a bit shocked at what's below, and also expect to see all of these trends incorporated into Sallie Tomato's upcoming projects, tutorials, and products for 2022. We plan to continue to be your source for the latest trends in sewing, in a sustainable way.

So, here's what's ahead for 2022: 


2022 is expected to favor new and unusual ideas including: deconstructed pieces, asymmetry, sculptural styling, art-influenced patterns, plaid, architectural design, creative cutouts, intricate layering or weaving, and unconventional materials. For avant-garde fashion, styling, layering and intricacy is key. It's a very creative, thrift-able aesthetic which can easily be incorporated into your projects in a way that is personal to you. This style is intriguing and unexpected, so embrace the element of surprise in the new year.

How you can incorporate this trend in sewing and craft projects:

  • Incorporate avant-garde style into sewing patterns such as our Commuter, EvelynDaphne, Katye, and Free Soul patterns
  • Sew with unique fabrics and materials such as faux leather and cork fabric
  • Visit the thrift store for inspiration and upcycle old items into something new
  • Make a belt for styling layered outfits with our Perfect Belt pattern


Bring on the bling and get ready for be-jeweled everything! Crystal eye make up, pedicures with rhinestones, twinkling fairy adult bedroom designs... sparkle is expected to be for more than just clothing in 2022. High-shine items for everyday and everything are trending, and we are obsessed. There were hints of this trend starting up over the summer and into the holiday season, as many people have begun dressing up to go out again and desire feel-good fashion. From bags to trousers to home décor, shiny things are taking the spotlight.

How you can incorporate this trend in sewing and craft projects:


Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone for this one? Into the dark we go... Night is when it’s truly time to shine. The after-dark aesthetic is where you can take risks with high glam, sultry, and luminescent looks including: metallics, feathers, voluminous sleeves, fitted silhouettes, transparent and sheer fabrics, mini skirts, go-go boots, and even catsuits. Yes, you heard me right. The catsuit is one of the most unexpected emerging trends, but the proof is on the runway and celebrities have even been seen wearing them out in the wild. Also popular are after-hours adventures, evening excursions, night photography, and celestial home décor and accessories. 

How you can incorporate this trend in sewing and craft projects:


Bright colors and solar shades are trending color palettes for 2022. Some colors include gold, bronze, amber, marigold, fuchsia, electric blue, rainbow, and other rich tones. The best thing about this trend is that you can customize it to fit your style. There are so many shades of the rainbow to choose from to create vibrant outfits, bright bags, and color accents. Pair together primary colors, or even primary colors with tertiary colors for a fresh combination. How does spring in Santorini sound? A popular vibrant color palette of blue, gold, and white with metallic accents nods to another predicted trend, ancient Greece aesthetic. These electric colors are all the more reason to go outside and head to the beach. 

How you can incorporate this trend in sewing and craft projects:

  • Use gold or antique hardware on bags to resemble luxury Greek design
  • Can't choose a color? Choose three and create a color block bag using our Magnolia bucket bag pattern
  • Head to the beach with a bright Poppins tote bag to carry everything you need for an excursion under the sun
  • Brighten up the office or classroom with a vibrant Russell pencil case or Carly lanyard - a perfect accessory to compliment a gift of a journal or sketchbook for students, teachers, or friends


No florals are expected for this coming spring, but instead bold stripes and checkerboard pattern will take fashion in a new direction. From checkerboard nails to rugs to shoes, checkers are becoming a particularly popular pattern. Make this trend your own by choose unique combinations of colors. 

How you can incorporate this trend in sewing and craft projects:

  • Make piece together squares of fabric to make checkboard pattern home décor such as a checkerboard quilt, shower curtain, oven mitts, hot pads, tea towels, and holiday stockings
  • Piece together strips of fabric or use our Chic Stripe cork fabric to make striped bags and accessories
  • Sneak peek... we have a new sewing pattern releasing in February 2022 for a roll-up checkboard made from faux leather or cork fabric! Make your own gameboard to use while traveling, at parties, restaurants, or at home. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when it releases.
  • The whimsical world and imaginative checkerboard designs of Mackenzie-Childs was the inspiration behind our Mackenzie bag pattern collaboration. Make one of your own to embrace this creative designer who's making a comeback. 


With over a year of isolation, expect bold, never-before-seen looks created from classic fashion. Attract attention with dramatic animal prints and modern fringe details in 2022. Animal prints are ever-evolving and this timeless trend seems to rotate through classic patterns. This upcoming year, we're trading leopard and snakeskin for zebra and tiger prints. Also fresh off the runway is fringe reimagined. Fringe will be appearing in a range of styles including glamourous attire, leather and western design, and sustainable, organic pieces. The movement and eye-catching texture of modern fringe gives this timeless trend an irresistible edge.

How you can incorporate this trend in sewing and craft projects:

  • Sew with our exotic selection of faux fur fabrics 
  • Make a true designer bag with our Barbara bag pattern, a collaboration with Myra Bag Company, a world-renowned bag company
  • Add long fringe tassels and asymmetric fringe to your beloved patterns
  • The Zelda bag pattern features layered fringe and is a beginner-friendly option for new bag makers who want to DIY this fun trend

So what do you think? Which trend are you most and least looking forward to in 2022? Comment below!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this roundup. We are excited to put these trends to the test and applying them to sewing in a sustainable way! 

Jessica Barrera

Founder of Sallie Tomato 

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