Stylish Sturdy Tote Paper Pattern


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This simple tote is made from rectangles and strips. Its finished dimensions are 17 ½” wide by 15” tall and 5” deep. The Stylish Sturdy Tote bottom is designed for almost any fabric: recycled jeans, canvas, oilcloth, vinyl, chalk cloth, stabilized quilter’s cottons, kraft·tex™ and more! Also, this pattern is fat quarter friendly! \n \nThis pattern is a great way to use some of your treasured fat-quarters and get creative by experimenting with different fabrics for the bottom of your tote! Use oilcloth to make the tote easy to clean! Create the tote with old clothes to give them new life again! Use chalk cloth to doodle designs on the bottom or to write your grocery list! Gorgeous upholstery prints would make for an elegant tote! Even use your favorite quilters cotton collection to showcase your fabrics! There are so many possibilities! \n \nA paper copy of this pattern will be mailed to you.  The pattern includes instructions for how to make the Stylish Sturdy Tote. All cutting layouts are drawn to scale for your convenience. \n \nNo part of this pattern may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Sallie Tomato. Copyright 2015 by Sallie Tomato | All Rights Reserved \n \nI'm a US supplier! All of my patterns, purse hardware, cork fabric, and supplies ship from the United States!