Sallie Tomato Rotary Cutting Kit & Blade Bundle

Sallie Tomato Rotary Cutting Kit & Blade Bundle

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Purchase a Quality Rotary Cutting Kit that will last. Included in this kit: one Ergonomic Sallie Tomato Rotary Cutter, two 45mm Sallie Tomato Blades and BONUS package of five additional 45mm blades.

This rotary cutter has been designed and patented for cutting through thicker materials for bag making such as cork fabric, canvas, leather, vinyl, canvas and more! The swivel safeguard makes this cutter convenient, safe and easy to operate.

We have been using this same blade for the past year (cutting over 20,000 yards of cork and fabric) and the blade is still as sharp as it was on day one! I think you'll be impressed with the results!