CLEARANCE Two Gold Tassel Caps

CLEARANCE Two Gold Tassel Caps

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This item is on Clearance because the color gold does not match our signature gold hardware. It may also have scratches and discoloration. This hardware is Final Sale item and has been priced accordingly. It cannot be returned. 

Use this hardware to attach handmade tassels to any bag or key chain! Make tassels out of cork, vinyl, kraft-tex, leather, or any other fabric that doesn't fray. This is a fun accessory to add to your projects or use up scraps.

This hardware measures 3-1/4" long. The inner diameter of the attached swivel hook and cap measures 3/8" wide. 

Each style of hardware is currently available in five finishes: nickel, gold, antique, gunmetal, and rose gold.

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Sallie Tomato offers the highest quality hardware. All of our purse hardware has a hanging finish with lacquer for added protection and shine!  

There are two types of plating methods for hardware: hanging and rolling. For hanging finish, each item is individually dipped and later sprayed with lacquer for a long-lasting coat.  This process is more labor intensive than rolling finish, and therefore more expensive. However, you can feel and see the difference compared to rolling finish.  Bag making can be very time consuming, so it’s important to invest in purse hardware that will last.