Limited Edition 1/2 Yard Cut: Gold Flecked Moroccan Mosaic Cork Fabric
Limited Edition 1/2 Yard Cut: Gold Flecked Moroccan Mosaic Cork Fabric
Limited Edition 1/2 Yard Cut: Gold Flecked Moroccan Mosaic Cork Fabric

Limited Edition 1/2 Yard Cut: Gold Flecked Moroccan Mosaic Cork Fabric


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This premium, cork fabric, also known as cork leather, is easy-to-sew through, pliable, and durable. Cork fabric has a similar handle to faux leather or genuine leather because it is soft, smooth, and pliable.  It is not hard or brittle. 

Its unique properties, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal make it a versatile material for various projects. It can be used for bags, straps and handles, wallets, craft projects, applique, embroidery, home decor, and more. 

Our high-quality cork fabric consists of a thin layer of 100% cork adhered to a fabric support backing, which is often a blend of polyester, cotton, and polyurethane. Our cork fabric can be found in a variety of thicknesses, textures, prints, and colors. 

    • Size: .8mm thick, at least 25” wide by length of fabric purchased  
    • Fabric Backing: Polyester
    • Needle: A 80/12 microtex or topstitch needle is recommended, with a longer stitch length such as 2.5mm or 3mm.
    • Recommended Thread: 40 wt polyester thread
      • Recommended Presser Foot:  A Teflon foot or roller foot is helpful when sewing with this material. 
      • Ironing: Use a medium temperature, ironing from the backside. Apply steam to help relax the fabric and remove creases. 

          WANT MATCHING THREAD? We recommend using Sulky 40 wt Poly Deco thread for sewing with this material. It’s durable for all types of projects, and it’s great for both construction and topstitching. It has a shine for a professional finish. Thread #1169 matches this fabric. You can purchase here.

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          There are many benefits of sewing with cork fabric including that it is:

          • Easy to Cut & Sew - You don’t need any special tools or equipment to sew with cork fabric. View our growing collection of Sewing Patterns to find a project to use with this unique material.
          • Sustainable Cork fabric is considered an eco-friendly material because it is harvested from the renewable bark of cork oak trees. The harvesting process does not harm the trees, and they continue to grow and produce cork for many years.
          • Lightweight - 50% of its volume is air! This makes it ideal for bags.
          • Washable & Stain Resistant Simply wipe clean with soap and water periodically.
          • Hypoallergenic - Cork fabric is resistant to dust, making it very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It is very gentle on your skin, which makes it ideal for bags, home decor, and craft projects.
          • Durable - Cork ages without deteriorating mainly due to its resistance to moisture. Cork cells are packed closely together in radial rows. This honeycomb structure makes cork extremely durable and abrasion resistant.
          • Water Resistant & Antimicrobial - This material does not allow water to pass through easily and inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses. 
          • Unique - This fabric is all natural, soft, and flexible. No two pieces are alike!

          Our high-quality cork fabric is a natural product. It’s produced directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. Once the cork is harvested from the cork oak it’s boiled, dried, and shaved into thin sheets. These thin cork sheets are sealed with a non-toxic sealant and adhered to a fabric support backing. There are a variety of backing types available such as 0.8mm woven, 0.8mm microsuede 0.4mm woven, canvas, denim, glitter, and more!

          Cork fabric is sold in 1/4 yard (9 inch) increments. We will cut a continuous piece if available. This material measures 25-27″ wide. Since it’s an all-natural product, the width may vary.

          In order to maintain this fabric’s quality, our cork fabric is rolled, sealed in a plastic bag, and packaged to protect it during shipping. We will never fold this fabric to prevent creases. 

          It is recommended to start each project with a new needle. Microtex Size 80/12 or Microtex Size 90/14 work best; however, Universal Size 80/12 work just as well. For most projects we recommended 3/8” seam allowance, 2.5mm stitch length for piecing, and 3mm stitch length for topstitching, unless stated. If you are sewing through several layers, you may need to lower your machine’s presser foot pressure or tension. Home Sewing Machines can generally handle sewing through up to four layers of cork or two layers of cork and 2 layers of foam at a time. Each machine behaves differently so test what works best for your machine. You can iron quality cork on either side with a pressing cloth. For more tips and tutorials, visit our blog!

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          High quality

          High quality cork fabric with fabric support backing. Cork fabric is environmentally and ecologically friendly.  This material is an amazing alternative to leather or vinyl because it is sustainable, washable, stain resistant, durable, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

          One of a kind

          Cork fabric looks stunning and unique.  Use it to make handmade bags, wallets, accents on clothing, craft projects, applique, embroidery, shoes, or upholstery.

          Soft & Pliable

          Cork fabric has a similar handle to leather or vinyl.  It feels like a quality leather: it’s soft, smooth, and pliable.  It is not hard or brittle.

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