free fanny pack pattern

Make Your Own BELT BAG with our FREE Pattern & Tutorial Video!

diy fanny pack

New years are for new trends! Stay stylish all year long with our newest fanny pack pattern: Fifth Avenue! Simply click the link below and we'll send the pattern right to your inbox!

free fanny pack pattern

Learn how to make this beginner-friendly belt bag pattern with Jess from Sallie Tomato. The New Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack can be made from almost any type of fabric - and our tutorial features Sherpa fabric - which is trending everywhere right now! Customize the look of your bag with cork fabric, faux leather, faux fur, canvas, cotton, and our new webbing for a comfortable fit. Be sure to make this and share on with us on social media! #sallietomato & #fifthavenuebag

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Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy this fun pattern!

Jessica Barrera

Founder of Sallie Tomato 


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